Captain Charles Moore visited Chile!

Hello everyone! This is Daniela, the coordinator of Científicos de la Basura (Chile). We would like to tell you about the visit that Captain Charles Moore is paying to Chile.

Captain Charles Moore is the researcher who discovered that plastic waste accumulates at the center of the oceanic gyres. After this important discovery, he founded the Research Organization Algalita, in California, in order to study this problem.

Thanks to him and his work, researchers all around the world started to focus their attention on plastic waste as well, including ourselves! Captain Moore is now traveling around Chile to teach people in numerous cities about the plastic waste issue. He was been to Arica, Concepción, Antofagasta, Pichilemu, Valparaíso and Coquimbo… and in all these cities there are students who participate in the project “En busca de pistas de la basura plástica” (“Dem Plastikmüll auf der Spur”), and who could see him live talking about his research.

In Coquimbo, where Científicos de la Basura have their headquarters, we could realize a series of different activities with the Captain, such as an Environmental Seminar for school students and a Conference for university students and teachers, in both of which he illustrated the public about his research and the enormous importance of the plastic waste problem.

Also, we invited Captain Moore to be part of the beach litter sampling carried out by one of the schools participating in the project “En busca de pistas de la basura plástica”: the Liceo Carmen Rodríguez Henríquez (from Tongoy, Chile).

Here we share with all of you some pictures of all these activities. Enjoy!

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